Digital Marketing

In today’s work technology is everywhere and so should you. Its time to end the costly print ads and put your name in front go your customers with Digital Marketing. Our team will be happy to help you develop a awesome new website that is both user-friendly and mobile ready.

Computer Services

Technology is the heart and soul of every business these days and when it fails it can bring your business to a stop. Any downtime for your business could mean thousands of lost revenue. We have you covered our technicians can quickly remote into your system and quickly diagnose and repair any issue you may have. If it cant be fixed remotely we can quickly dispatch a technician onsite to get you back up and running.

Network Services

Networks is the backbone to keeping all your devices connected, without it it would be hard if not impossible to stay connected, share data, or even print a document. There is truly so much more that goes on in the background that you don’t need to worry about. Our team of network engineers will work with you to design the best network structure for you business needs. We also have a dedicated team to monitor and correct any issues before they affect your business operations.

Point-of-Sale Consulting

In most businesses especially retail and food service a reliable fully functional Point of sale system is a must have. But with so many system out there its hard to know which is best. Not to mention all the time needed to sit there and research which is a better fit for your business. So why not let the experts help. Not only can we help you pick out the best system for your needs and budget; we will also install, setup, and support your system so you can spend time focusing on running your business.

Don’t just hire an IT company

Hire a company of IT Experts

Tech Service Experts, LLC

Tech Service Experts is your businesses one-stop shop for all your technology needs. With service such as Digital marketing, Computer Support, Network, Point of Sales, and even Helpdesk. You can reassure that if you have a question or a problem with we will be there to help. Our highly trained and dedicated staff is here to help 24-7 365 days a year, because we know business never stops.